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Facts and Figures, Not Guesses

We do not offer an online quote, as some sites do, because we’ve never found an online system that can provide an accurate calculation. Instead, we offer a no-cost, no-obligation personalized quote. Fill out as much or as little of our online form as you wish to start the process. Don’t settle for guesses; get the full story and an accurate price quotation from Raymond Lavine.

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Did Loved Ones Wait Too Long?

Having a long-term-care plan is always better, but now it’s possible to arrange for limited in-home care that’s affordable, even for those without coverage. That’s just one of the important topics in Live Safely & Independently In Your Own Home: 6 Steps For Seniors.

Raymond Lavine’s Clients Describe Their Experiences

Selecting a trusted advisor for extended-care insurance must be a long-term decision. Those who have chosen to work with Ramond Lavine say that he takes the time required to understand their needs and their desires. Read what Lavine’s clients say.

Why Long Term Care Insurance is Important

Unfortunately, some people fail to realize the value of insuring against the costs, both financial and physical, of long-term care until someone close to them needed it and didn’t have it. This short video explains from the perspective of one such person.

Lavine on TV

“Moving America Forward”, a Los Angeles-based television program, reached out to Raymond Lavine for an episode on the importance of long-term care insurance. The discussion involved William Shatner, retired Admiral Kevin Delaney, and moderator Doug Llewellyn.

View the 15-minute segment.

Planning for Long Term Care